The Final Countdown

I’ve always been a planner.

That said, the last six or so weeks haven’t been great for me. At Oxford it’s very easy to fall into a swirl of negative thoughts. Although I’ve made progress with my thesis, unfortunately my revision for finals has largely sat untouched. I’ve made rather too many excuses for myself: I’ve been sad about breaking up with my ex, dealing with a more than a little bit of seasonal depression, and generally fantasizing about the future and wanting desperately for the next four or five months to come quickly and be over soon. This hasn’t got me very far, and I’ve let a lot of things fall by the wayside.

I think a few new resolutions are needed:
1. Start revising as of Monday
2. Start exercising, generally live a more healthy lifestyle
3. Make an effort to get out of Oxford at least once a week, to go walking or at least visit someone
4. Work on German more consistently

I have a few important things coming up:

25/2: Visit R in Cheltenham and help with decorating
4/3: Hosting last flat party 😥
6/3: Last tutorial essay due
10/3: End of Hilary term, revision begins in earnest, go and see P in London
17-19/3: Peak District with R
21/4: Thesis submission deadline
24/4: Beginning of Trinity term
22/5-9/6: Exam period
10/6-23/6: Sort out belongings, do an intensive driving course and finally get my licence, go on a camping trip somewhere (Scotland or Lakes?), sort out flat for moving out, go see C&R in Eastleigh
24/6-22/7 – Summer job (residential)
22/7-1/8 – Final preparation to move out of flat, plans for the next year?
28/7 – Graduation
4/8 – turning 24!
9/8-19/8 – West of Ireland with mum

My plans for next year are still up in the air somewhat. Exams are going to miserable no matter what, but this is what the next few months are looking like for me. Hopefully I can make the most of it!


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