Eating out in Oxford on a budget: 5 of the Best

By budget, I mean that places where it’s possible to get a full meal for under or around £5. As a student on a limited budget you get good at sussing out these places very quickly: here are the places I’d recommend.

  1. Gloucester Green Market
    Open Wed-Saturday, the Gloucester Green market has a variety of food stalls which offer pretty much every kind of cuisine you could want, at very reasonable prices. I’m a big fan of the arepas and langos stalls.
  2. Viny’s Cafe
    A cheap and friendly café on the Cowley road which offers sandwiches, baked potatoes, and salads at very reasonable prices, with a quiet and friendly atmosphere. It is also open fairly late (until around 8pm), so can serve as a good place to get some work done in.
  3. Sasi’s Thai
    A Thai café popular with Oxford international students in the covered market, you can get a massive plate of curry or pad thai for around £5, to eat in or take away. Although the queues can be long at times, it is worth the wait.
  4. Hassan’s
    A classic place to stop when you’re in need of some late night calories, Hassan’s van on Broad Street is the saviour of many students. Although Kebab vans sometimes have an undeserved bad reputation, Hassan’s fast-food is of good quality (particularly the falafel wraps) and the van has a 5* food hygiene rating (which, for context, is better than the dining halls in several Oxford colleges!)
  5. Bodrum Kebab
    A cheap Turkish café near to Divinity Road on the Cowley road, which offers meze plates and kebabs at very cheap prices, along with friendly (table!) service. A good option if you can’t afford the pricier middle eastern options springing up on the Cowley Road, which coincidentally are all owned by the same person.



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