Finals diary, part 5: Revision – and drinking

This week has been good. I’ve got into a good routine of getting up at 7-8 and going to the library, working until 6-7 and then going to the pub with friends (since everyone is back now). It has been pretty intense, but I’ve also been very motivated and have got loads done this week.

I also received my exam timetable this weekend (scary), and  got back one of the collections that I did last week (Cicero). I got 65 (a 2.i in the UK system, which is an acceptable mark), which I’m quite happy with, given that I didn’t get as much revision done during the vacation as I’d hoped to due to getting my thesis finished. I am still waiting to get the other one back, in archaeology, which I am a bit more worried about.

I have generally been pretty upbeat this week. It is a sharp change from the lingering depression that has been bothering me for the last few months. Maybe I am finally over my ex. Maybe it is because the end is in sight (less than six weeks to go now). Maybe because the weather is so much better. Maybe it’s because my flatmates are back and I’m no longer alone in the flat. Whatever is the reason, I almost can’t believe how much better I feel and how much more motivated I am. I even decided to pack in the fags again last weekend, and this is my sixth day without one. I was offered one on three occasions by three different people this week (which seems strangely symbolic), but refused. Maybe I will actually succeed this time?

I also found out on Thursday that I have been successful in the assessment stage of the British Council assistant-ship application. If all goes well I will find out where I am going in Germany in the next few weeks. However, it is still not 100%, as they prioritize giving places to students doing language degrees who are doing a year abroad, though in the email they sent me it was said that everyone has been accommodated in the last few years. I am pretty happy about this, and although the uncertainty is frustrating, I’m not too worried about what will happen if it doesn’t work out.


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