Finals diary, part 7: the Final Hurdles

Right now, I have one full week left before the exam period starts. In total, it is less than four weeks until my exams will be completely finished. I am looking forward to it being over immensely, but my motivation and discipline has started to slump a little bit this week. Nevertheless, I’m confident that it will return. As I’m now at a stage where I have most of my notes finished, next week I am going to focus on memorizing things and doing some practice essays and commentaries before the real deal starts on Tuesday 23rd May.

In general I have been feeling good. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better and better, and I feel that I’m on top of things. I’ve substantially managed to improve my lifestyle in order to operate in a more healthy and happy way, and I hope that I’ll be able to sustain that going forward. I’m also immensely looking forward to having finished with my degree and the plans I’ve made for after my exams finish.

I am still socializing a lot and seeing my friends. I have managed to cut down my drinking significantly, but I am still going out regularly and seeing people which I think is a healthy way to approach things. I know that quite a few of my friends have sequestered themselves away, but to me this seems almost counter-productive, and from what I’ve observed it’s started to have some somewhat negative effects on their emotional health.

In general, though, at this stage it just feels like a waiting game. I have so much I’m ready to do when this is all over; I’m beyond ready to leave. After five years, I have to say that being at Oxford feels a lot like groundhog day: the same day repeated over and over again, with no obvious end point. And yet, I am nearly there.


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