Finals Diary, part 9: Five down, Five to go

I am currently halfway through my finals, having done 5 exams this last week with 5 left to go. I will be finished on the 8th of June, which means there are just 11 days to go!

I started with my exam on the Hellenistic World on Tuesday afternoon. It was a challenging paper and I was very, very nervous about it going into the exam.

(A picture of me in academic dress which I sent to my friends just before I left to go to the exam room).

The exam itself went well: I think I managed to put something coherent on paper at least and show off what I actually knew, which is the best you can hope for. The other four exams, which consisted of two translation papers and two Roman history papers, went a bit better. I had a much better grasp on the material, the questions were more predictable and in general I was feeling more relaxed and confident having got the first one out of the way. The translation, too, went well. Although I had been worried I hadn’t revised my texts enough, once I got into the exam I found that my Latin was better than I had thought and I was able to understand the passages relatively well.

This coming week I will have two archaeology papers: one on urbanism and the Roman economy, the other on Roman Art. Truth be told, I am a little bit nervous about these ones as the knowledge required is very specific, and the exam technique required is very different than for the history papers. I am going to do some work on them this afternoon and on Tuesday, and hopefully that will be enough to see me through.


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