Finals Diary, part 10: the End Approaches

This week I sat the two archaeology exams I was due to sit: one on Roman cities and settlements, the other on Roman art.

I had been very worried about the first one, having not done so well in the collection (mock exam) I’d sat at the start of term, just scraping a 60. However, this meant that I put a lot of attention into the material and exam technique, and I felt the real thing went a bit better.

The Roman art exam was a bit of a let down. Unfortunately many of the topics I had revised did not come up and I ended up constructing some fairly generic answers on Roman imperial portraiture and monuments, though the picture questions went well.

However, I am incredibly relieved to have them over me. Since getting those two done I’ve honestly been incredibly relaxed. I’m really looking forward to next Thursday and having the final three exams finished.

I also received confirmation this week that I’ve got the British Council job and that I’ll be working in Rheinland-Pfalz come September, which I am really looking forward to. I took the day off today and spent a bit of time in Waterstones looking through travel guides – I can’t wait.

In general, though, I’m waiting for finals to finish. There will be a lot of practical stuff to sort out at the end of July with moving out and so on, but really that is a trivial stress compared with sitting finals, and I have moved plenty of times before. I’m also planning to go on a trip to Scotland for a few days the week after next which will be a very welcome break. It will also be nice to finally be able to socialize again once all of this is over!


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