Finals are over!


My final two exams were on Thursday, the first a history paper in the morning followed by a Greek translation exam in the afternoon.

After the exam I was met by a friend who came to college and “trashed” me (threw glitter on me, and gave me the garland and crown. This is an Oxford tradition for the end of exams).

I had planned to go out an celebrate after the end of my exams, but soon realized that most of the other classicists still had exams, and that my flatmate, who finished yesterday, had absconded to Norway (his home country) until Monday – I found out when he texted me from Gatwick.

I also realized that I was completely exhausted, which is perhaps natural after 4.5 hours of exams. I didn’t even managed to stay up to watch the election results! Though I did manage to go and vote yesterday covered in glitter (and the Lib Dems have ousted the Tories in Oxford West), so I suppose it was worth it.

Right now, I have loads of stuff to sort out, starting with properly tidying my flat, getting in contact with friends I haven’t seen, contacting my brother (who I’m going to see tomorrow), and getting ready for my summer job.

I can’t believe it’s all finally over. The feeling of finally being about to leave Oxford is almost worth having studied here.


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