A few days in Edinburgh

Apologies for the gap in posting on this blog – this has come about simply because I’ve been on holiday and haven’t really had internet access! I just started my summer job today, and I’ve spent the previous 10 days travelling in Scotland and in Derry/Donegal. So here goes: my writeup!

Day 1

My flight into Edinburgh left Stansted Airport at 12pm, which unfortunately meant that I had to get a very early bus from Oxford at 4.30am in order to get there on time. This had a few consequences, as the previous night was also the night of my schools’ dinner, i.e. the final dinner of term where all the Classicists at my college have a bit of a blowout. In the end I returned from a nightclub around 3.30am, had a shower, packed my bag and ran to the bus station. It was all well, and I managed to get to Edinburgh that afternoon. Unfortunately, I had little energy for anything but cooking myself dinner, making small talk in the hostel kitchen and collapsing into bed at 8pm.


Day 2

This day was a bit more exciting. I ventured out to Edinburgh castle, and also took in the National Gallery before walking up to Caldon Hill, which offers iconic views of the Scottish capital.


That evening ended with a few drinks in a bar with some people from the hostel, as well as a surprising break-in to Edinburgh SU bar, where I was pleased to find that my Oxford card (valid until 30 June) was still able to secure me a discount.

Day 3

On my final full day in Edinburgh I paid a visit to Greyfriars Kirkyard, where JK Rowling is alleged to have found inspiration for some of the names of characters in Harry Potter.
I then went on to take a trip round the National Museum of Scotland, which presented a rather nationalistic view of Scottish history (certainly, though, such a view is politically prescient), before walking round some of the gardens in central Edinburgh.

I should mention that I have also had confirmation that I will be moving to Trier via the British council in late August and sent off my contract to them yesterday. I have not ceased to be busy after my degree finished, but at least it feels now that things are finally starting to happen!



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