Two days in Glasgow

Day 1

I left Edinburgh on the Sunday, taking the train from Edinburgh Waverly station to Glasgow central, before grabbing a quick lunch then heading out to try to find my hostel. This took longer than I had anticipated. Although I followed the directions given on the booking email, it turned out that the signage wasn’t as clear as they made it out to be, and moreover, the check-in was later than they had advised. Getting to the hostel also involved walking up a massive hill…

That night I decided to take things easy, though I did go out for a walk in the Kelvingrove park which is just adjacent to the hostel I stayed in.


Day 2

On the second day I took the subway into central Glasgow to have a look at some of the sights, having spent a few hours in the Kelvingrove museum in the morning, including Glasgow university and the modern art museum, before ending the day with a cream tea in the Botanic Gardens.


I didn’t do much socializing when I was in Glasgow, in part because the hostel I stayed in had a strangely anti-social atmosphere, though I did have some interesting conversations with an elderly lady (!) who was staying there. I think if I ever return to Glasgow, I might try to stay somewhere else.

The following day I took a taxi to the airport to travel home to Northern Ireland…


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