Time at home, and coming back to Oxford to work

After my trip to Scotland, I flew from Glasgow airport directly to Derry, in order to spend a few days at home with my family. My mother picked me up from the airport, and I was quickly at home. In all honestly, I found the time at home very relaxing. It was a relief to be able to spend some time back in a place where everything was taken care of for me. I didn’t do too much while I was there, though I did go out for a drink and listen to Irish traditional music with my mother, and later in the week we went for a day out in Donegal.

First of all, we drove to Glenveagh National Park and had a walk around the grounds of the castle. I have been to Glenveagh many times before in my life, and the peacefulness of the place is always striking, as is the sheer beauty of the dramatic landscape.

After this we drove down into the Dunlewey Gaeltacht (an area of the country where Irish is used as the primary language) and had a coffee in the Ionad Cois Locha. However, this wasn’t before stopping off at the Poisoned Glen, a breathtakingly beautiful place.

I flew back to England on the Friday, and the events which followed are recounted in the post I made a few days ago.

That Saturday I started my summer job, which I am now nearly two weeks into. I will post an update on that very soon.


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